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From sophisticated patterns to colorful solids our carpet styles come in a full rainbow of shades, tones and hues. We offer the finest carpet brands and have the widest selections of designer colors, patterns and textures that will make your job of finding the perfect carpet easier and more enjoyable.
Flooring choices are many but before homeowners select what to put down on the bare floor they may want to consider some facts about carpeting. Whether it’s a brand new home or a renovation or replacement of worn out flooring, carpet is often the best answer.

Carpet Options

There are four types of carpet and these are cut and pile, cut and loop, level loop, and multi-level loop:

1. Cut and pile carpets are the best selling type of carpet. It looks more luxurious than other types of carpeting and resists crushing more than most other types of carpet.

2. Cut and loop carpet is the second carpet type. Designed in a different way that uses both cut and looped carpet fibers, cut and loop hides footprints and other marks. It often offers various textures and sculptured looks.

3. Level loop carpets, one type of cut and loop, is the third type of carpet and is also durable and track resistant. Level loop pile fares well in high traffic areas.

4. The fourth type of carpet is multi-level loop pile and differs only in that heights of the carpet vary. Various levels of loop give a look of random texture.
A Bit of Trivia

The term “carpet” derives from the Latin carpere, “to pluck,” probably because carpets were made from unraveled “plucked” fabric. Carpet has the same Latin root as carpe diem, literally pluck/seize the day.

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