Carpet Remnant Service

We offer carpet remnant installation which is an economical way to add flooring to areas in your home or business in Vacaville and surrounding areas. All Size stocks over 300+ rolls, making them the largest remnant dealer in Solano County. Come on in and “peek” around!

What Are Carpet Remnants?

Carpet Remnants are good for doing smaller jobs because you get high end quality for an affordable price. When a factory produces a carpet roll, they then sell it in sections by order to wholesalers. When the roll gets near the end, they will sell it at a discount because the roll has an odd amount left.

Then the question is why choose it? The quality is exactly the same as the higher cost product made by that manufacturer. You are only limited to what remnants are available, but you pay as little as half of the original cost!

Because All Size carries a large inventory of remnants, we are able to install the next day. This is something you won’t find with every carpet supplier! Want more information about how carpet remnants can provide the flooring solution you’re looking for? You can reach us by phone at (707) 448-3300 or send us an email here.

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